High Strengh Bras Material


(1) Features
In order to improve the base material (brass)'s general properties, such as the strength, toughness, abrasion resistance and friction coefficient, trace amounts of alloying elements were added and attributed a dramatic enhancements on above properties. For the alloy design and manufacturing purposes, various fine strengthening compounds were uniformly distributed in the matrix.

(2) Strength
Change of alloy design and manufacturing allowed improvements in various mechanical properties and lowered costs. It forms a robustness and stable matrix that has excellent abrasion resistance and hardness.

(3) Applied ITEM


(1) Features
Similar to KMS-2E, it also has the base material as brass. With addition of certain alloying elements and through proprietary manufacturing process, heterogeneous structure is formed with uniform distribution of alloying elements in both α and β matrix.

(2) Strength

It has excellent processability and thermal conductivity.

(3) Applied ITEM



(1) Feature
KMF is based on general brass material with a small amount of alloying element, which allows α particle to precipitate in β-phase matrix's grain boundary. It makes this material very suitable for making structural parts that receives heavy loads or severe temperature changes (-200℃~200℃).

(2) Strength
KMS-2E of above material has excellent abrasion resistance in moist environment but low in dry environment. In contrast, KMF material has the most excellent abrasion resistance in dry environment.

(3) Motivation
Current automobile industry is in the trend of designing higher RPM engines with smaller powertrain. Yet, with current Steel Shift Fork, it is difficult to control the torque changes, vibration and noise. Thus, we developed this new material, KMF, which significantly improve on the controls.

(4) Applied ITEM
Shift Fork

More Special Brass Materials

This material is an advanced alloy material where its properties, such as strength, toughness, abrasion resistance and lubricity are improved by adding alloying elements to its base material (brass). This material is used as general machinery parts, aircraft parts, bearing retainer, end-bearing, bushing parts, worm gear, oil pump gear, hydraulic parts, and various industrial machines.

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